Feb 2018

Model making. Explorations.

Feb 2018

Brass models and silver final pieces.

Mar 2018

Acrylic dyeing and forming samples.

Mar 2018

Working with found objects. Suspension following to a set of rules created by myself.

Mar 9 2018


Poured an 2oz sterling silver ingot and will eventually roll it down to an approx. 20 gauge sheet for making a functional object. Tried many times until I finally had a successful pour. Here is a photo of a beautiful failure.



Mar 18 2018


Firstly rolled with a manual rolling mill and then used an electric one which made it go much faster.



Mar 21 2018


I have been working to transferring 3D prints to the bench. This piece was built in Rhino, printed in pink moldable material that I made a mold from today. The red rubber was able to catch most of the details. I built two molds, hoping that the second one would catch more details but ended up having better wax injections using the first mold.



Mar 23 2018


Finally got the coin cast! Thank Gigi for being my early morning casting partner.



Apr 2 2018


Quick making for fun: made two heat formed acrylic samples wearable.



In addition, I sent out a rhino file of a bracelet to ShapeWays to be printed in black powder nylon. Very excited to get it and photo shoot it on the body. It was the first time to send a digital piece out to be printed.



Apr 4 2018


Mid-term review of work so far.



Apr 5 2018


Needed to make a die for my pendant piece. Thank Quincy for doing the woodwork for me! The hydraulic press gave me a good place to start forming.



Apr 6 2018


Sank the form, sawed it and formed further!



Also I laser cut a die for my functional object instead of making one out of wood scrap..



Apr 8 - Apr 17 2018


Long process making the functional object. Thank my professor Noam for helping me with small forming. Now the object needs some final touch ups.



Apr 11 2018


Carved floral foam. It will be coated with resin and eventually become a brooch.



Apr 15 2018


Experiments with casting plastic. Used Smooth-On products and found materials


Apr 16 2018


Resin coating. It was the first layer and need more in the next few days.



Sep 13 2018


First taste of electroforming!

Step 1: building a teapot with red wax.

Goal 1: to figure out whether electroforming is a easier method to build a vessel/container, compared to forging.

Goal 2: to figure out the AMPs and VOLTs.


Sep 17 2018

Step 2: Remove the insulator on two ends of copper wire. Flatten one end with a hammer. Heat up the flattened end with fire and attach red wax model.​

Step 3: Leach for 15 minutes.

Step 4: Spray with electrodag under a ventilation hood. Dry overnight.


Sep 19 2018

Step 5: Into the 10-gallon-bath.


Sep 20 2018

Step 6: Out of the bath after 24 hours.


Meanwhile, sketched and made a model for the second piece for my Degree Project.


Sep 22 2018

First piece for my Degree Project in progress - setting two pieces of glass.


The ring aims to communicate rain. I chose this format for the ring and glass as points of contact between the piece and the wearer for such motion and tactility of glass remind me of raindrops.


Sep 24 2018

Building red wax models for a second try of electroforming. Made different versions of teapots and realized some of the designs would be more suited for other methods of construction. Therefore, I eventually decided to test out electroforming twisted red wax sprues.


Sep 24 2018

Building red wax models for a second try of electroforming. Made different versions of teapots and realized some of the designs would be more suited for other methods of construction. Therefore, I eventually decided to test out electroforming twisted red wax sprues.


Electroformed 24 hours and out of bath now. Some of the areas did not plate because the electrodag was not able to reach the areas where the twisted sprue overlapped.

Solution to it may be hand painting those overlapped areas, OR intentionally leave some areas unplated.

Sep 25 2018

Made the second piece for my degree project. Placed the two latest pieces to the earring I made last year.

Sep 25 2018

I want to incorporate hair into my next pieces and so dissected paint brushes. How should I hold the hair together?

Left: thought of squeeshing hair in between metal before cutting it off from a brush. 



Tried resin as binder. It works but it tends to be absorbed onto areas of hair that I don't want to be stiffend.

Sep 30 2018

Played with materials

Oct 1 2018

Removed red wax from electroformed objects using heat: steamer --> heat gun --> torch.

Left to right:

hollow bead, granulation on filigree wire, solid bead

Also worked on a new object to electroform.

This time I tried using brown wax, a wax that is softer and so

easier to sculpt with hand compared to red wax. For the model

was large and heavy, it did not want to stay on the copper wire.​

The model fell onto

the floor as I was

spraying. Need to fix

it later.

Oct 2 2018

I resculpted damaged areas of the model fter the paint dried. A red wax top was attached for the copper wire to go into.

Hopefully the model would be secure this time!

Oct 3 2018

Advised to carve out a small path for electrodag so that the red wax attachment does not plate entirely.

However, electricity did not go into the model. Something was wrong.

Oct 5 2018

More models for electroforming!​ The goal is to test on "texture".

Left: texture is built in the wax model

Right: wrinkle texture generated by spraying a layer of hammer paint before spraying elctrodag (= chemical reaction)

Oct 7 2018

Electroformed! The texture worked really well. They will be made into earrings.

Meanwhile, made hair-resin modules for my next degree project piece.

Oct 8 2018

For the previous large model for electroforming failed once, I made another large scale model out of red wax. 

Oct 11 2018

Electroformed and burned out the wax.

Oct 11 2018

Electroformed and burned out the wax.

Oct 14 2018

Made it work! Much of the attached button was electromed, meaning that it stole copper ions from the piece.

Next time I should make sure the button area is neater before putting it into the bath.

Cut the opening with saw and was able to fold it inward. The object could have been left in the bath for longer for thicker metal.

Oct 15 2018

Goal today was to try enameling on my electroformings. The two vessels are large and light and I hope enamel can add weight to them.

Intentionally enameled selectively because I realized how enamel

covers up the wonderful surface texture.

Oct 18 2018

Made a red wax model inspired by a seed pod. I have an electroformed object inside the body and hope that it will rattle when I melt the red wax out.

Also bringing the electroformed teapot to the bench.

Sawed it open and did solderings to make the lid. It

has some specific elements added onto it because I

am making it for a special friend.

Oct 29 2018

More progress on the birds. Built two nests for them from twigs and will cast them soon.

also thinking about what pieces to make next for my degree project:

Oct 29 2018

Casting day! The nests are cast and two objects that I want to experiment with electroforming.

Nov 4 2018

The goal of it is to test how cast components can be incorporated into to-be-electroformed red wax model. They are assembled and connected by wax now and will go into the bath as a whole. I am not sure if the castelements will be able to stay eventually. My hope is that the cast elements will not be fixed onto the electroformed hollow forms and will be movable.

The cast parts are covered by tape to prevent

plating. The red wax model has a layer of

hammer paint sprayed onto it so that it reacts

chemically with electrodag and produce a 

wrinkly surface texture.

Nov 7 2018

The result was that one of the casts was fixed onto the electroformed form and the other cast fell out (the lower left piece in the photograph). I still believe that the idea of building moving connections can be realized through electroforming but the model needs to be built more deliberately next time. If I were to fix a cast onto a hollow form, soldering is a better method than electroforming.

The other two forms were made for experimentation of selective

eletrodaging and hammer paint texture effect.

Nov 9 2018

Open studio day