"Knock knock are your there" 

“Knock knock are you there” is a 51-second TAV (text-audio-visual poem), made from a live performance of mine. The textual information is carried by the performing human body, an expressive medium that is constantly being read and apprehended. The entire video is in two colors, red and white, involves two subjects. Other than the human body, the subject that is not explicitly presented to the audience is a sculpture located in Providence, Rhode Island. Considering the sculpture as made from the same animate element as the human body, the series of interactions documented in the video can be seen as a conversation between two sculptures with different properties. That is, although the human body is relatively more mobile and much more ephemeral, the two engage in a shared surrounding and similarly make sounds that tell something about themselves.


The making of the poem is inspired by theories from the German philosopher Edmund Husserl (1859–1938). Husserl proposed a different way of understanding the subject-object dialogue that constantly takes place in our daily life experiences. He suggested that in order for two presences to truly recognize each other, both need to attune to the style of the other as they occupy each other’s world in an encounter. I find such a view of things that one usually takes for granted as lifeless objects mind-opening. Thereafter, his theoretical “mutual inscription of the subjects’ experiences” and poetic approaches to the body and objects became the sources of inspirations for this moving poem.



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