I associate myself with red, the color of passion, celebration, auspiciousness and happiness, the color that is forbidden at certain occasions because of its vibrancy. In a chromophobic context, it is secondary, rebellious, a threat to order and civilization. It screams and shouts, celebrating its saturation. It is an aggressive contaminant, as a single drop of such non-whiteness can easily overwhelm the rest that surrounds. 

This piece is Red contained in a white crowd, morphing and expanding. It is a dynamic collective under a facade that makes it appear silent, rational and honest. The whiteness, however, draws the eye to that single drop of red. The uninterruptible Red seems to be included and excluded at the same time. At first sight, it seems to be striving for assimilation and flight at the same time as its body is only halfway into the crowd and it is not clear towards which direction it wants to go. Despite the threat of corruption, the white galaxy refuses to bleach the alien and chooses to keep it special. This is not to say that the single Red is undergoing suppression and rejection. It is recognized and received, although wrapped in stereotypical assumptions. It now knows that changing itself and conforming to others is not an option and whether that is an expectation at all. As it finds a fitting place for itself, the others cluster around to help it anchor and it celebrates its vibrancy. Perhaps in time, they have realized that all are of the same animate element and the same form. That is, they are all concave, signifying the possibility of embrace and growth. They decide to grow together: while the crowd grows outwards, the drop of red grows upwards.